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The Jordons Chad & his wife Roxann are about Inspiring people in a positive way with our music, and Biblical messages.
We not only sing but we can also teach the Scriptures in a very practical way.
Chad Jordon has 15 years of doing the work of an Evangelist.
We write our own lyrics, and music. We also cover some praise songs, as well as some famous hymns.
We have different types of music, we have something for almost everyone.

Marriage Ministry seminar is ready now.
The Book is in the works to follow.

Like us to join your worship service to sing or speak please contact us

Chad Jordon's solo album entitled
"Quest for Truth" is now available!
is now available for purchase through his facebook page at:

There is only a few more of books left of "Quest for Truth"
so order now, and get it signed by Chad Jordon
because this book is out of print.
Now it will be a collectors edition.

"Quest for Truth"
It is a poetic expression, and progression of his life,
from his darkest hour to his brightest hour, and everything in-between.

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